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In this article we will be talking about google page ranking and how to boost your website ranking, assuming that your website is already properly optimised for search engines from the backend.
What do we mean by that? SEO is divided into a few categories, and the most important ones are ON-PAGE SEO and SEO BY YOU. On-Page SEO is all the jobs which have been done by your web developers, SEO company or you at the backend of your website.
So, after good SEO performed at the backend of your website, you should be already ranking in Google. Let’s say you are on the second page of the Google search results, now is time to boost this score up doing SEO BY YOU.

How should I do my SEO?

Creating a link building strategy – Backlinks
Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks from a web page to another website.
You should start your link building strategy as soon as possible because it takes months for google to update your ranking and apply the benefits of your backlink building effort.
We are talking about the good quality links here, as Google can recognise and favourite them over the unnatural backlinks. So, you should always go for quality, never for quantity.
What do we mean by that? The good quality links come from well-known and authorised sites, increasing your SEO ranking in a much better way than by using hundreds of links from unknown websites, which Google can penalise you for.

Talk to editors of major magazines, news sites, well-known bloggers or YouTube influencers.
If you are lucky, they will place your link on their site and point traffic in your direction, this will force Google to think that your site has valuable content and your ranking will go up.
Google algorithms get more intelligent each year and look for great customer experience, so be patient and put in your work and Google will reward your effort.

Updating your site frequently
Having a blog on your website will do wonders in achieving a higher page ranking.
Google loves when your site is active and evolving dynamically. Write a new good quality blog post, update your website on a regular basis and create the content that gives your customers a reason to return.
When google sees returning customers, it knows that your website is of good value and your ranking will be boosted even further.

Social Media
Be active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, the more platforms the better.
Start with Facebook and Instagram, because those two platforms seem to have the biggest impact on Google’s page ranking recently. Writing good quality content on social media is the key, so spend some time, write good articles, check your grammar and be sure that your customers will find value in this.
Don’t write long posts, create short versions of the content your customer will find on your website, then at the end of your post paste the link pointing them to your website. If the content is interesting, you will get natural traffic to your website. When creating a blog post always write a short version of it on your Facebook page, add photos and upload the same photos to Instagram, engaging your customers and again redirect them to your website using the link.
This way you create super valuable and natural traffic to your website.

Facebook and Instagram campaigns.
You can create a great campaign with a precisely targeted audience using Facebook Ads. You can turn any post from your Facebook business page into a great campaign and using a small amount of money, promote your business in a very effective way. When using social media campaigns, make sure you point your audience to your website inserting the link at the bottom of each post.
You don’t need to use your existing posts to create a campaign, you can create a fresh advert from Ad Manager with nicely designed graphics, engaging slogans and valuable content.
It works almost like a TV advertisement if not better, people look at their phones more than their TV’s, so this is a great way to be seen.
Make sure you create good quality interesting adverts and if you can, try to use a video as it tends to be more engaging than graphics. Try to edit videos to create a professional advert or use a professional video editor.
Although the video is a great way to gain your valuable audience, graphics are still a very effective way but only when good quality.

If you need any help with social media graphic design, get in touch with us


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