6 young web designers at meeting hunting for company and domain name


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Looking for your new company name is great fun but can be also very frustrating.
Spending hours and hours creating your new company name and not coming up with any good ideas could ruin the fun you should have during this process, so we want share with you a few techniques we use to find names for our customers.

A good business name makes your customers remember you easily, so it’s really important to take time creating it. It can be descriptive and represent the brand or service you are offering but can be totally unrelated to the nature of your business, like famous brands Nike or Adidas.

When looking for your company name, you need to remember to check the domain name. If you don’t have the domain yet, that’s great. Start looking for the name and checking the domain availability at the same time.
Try to find a name that has an available domain. If your business is local or you are only trading in the UK look for the domain with the co.uk extension, but for worldwide websites try to get the .com extension – which can be very hard because so many domains are already owned, but don’t give up and keep looking!

Now let’s see how you can come up with a great business name:

  • Use Acronyms – example: NHS National Health Service
  • Mix two or more words to make one
  • Remove, change or add an extra letter
  • Mix two words and change a letter – example: Webcraff
  • Use Latin, Spanish or African words – use glosbe.com to find any foreign words which sound good
  • Look at the map and find some exotic places – look for unknown places like small villages and suburbs
  • Make it descriptive – example: London Building Supplies
  • Make a grammar mistake on purpose
  • Use foreign words – example: Anker comes from a German word meaning Anchor
  • Pick the word from a dictionary – look for any nice looking and sounding words
  • Use your own name
  • Get inspiration from literature
  • Choose names or places from different mythologies – example: Nike, Asus

When looking for your perfect business name try to write down every name you like. Create a list of 20-30 names, apply some nice fonts to them and print them all. Now try to choose your top 10. Ask your friends and family to choose their favourites too.
Now write down the most liked names by yourself, friends and family members.
At this stage, you have narrowed down a huge list, so the only thing left for you is to pick the best name.
If you are still unhappy with them try to repeat the process again finding another 10-20 names and narrowing them down.

If you would like to see how your brand or company name could look, please click the link below and head over to Adobe Fonts. At their website, you can change the size and font and get an idea of how your business could look.

If you are still not able to find anything you like, please feel free to contact us and we will try to help you.


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