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Keywords are extremely important for every business and website

Keywords help boost your website ranking on Google, Amazon or even eBay.
If done correctly, keywords are free traffic drivers for your website.
Using the right keywords can skyrocket your business to online success in sales.

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Keywords are words and phrases that your customers type into the search box of a search engine such as Google.
Thanks to keywords, Google is able to find what internet users are looking for.

Some keywords have thousands of searches per day, some hundreds and others none. We use expensive and professional subscription-based tools to find every keyword that is being searched in the Google search engine.

If you are an Amazon seller, we can also find the keywords searched by Amazon customers. Once we have researched keywords for your business, you can simply develop a plan of action for implementing those keywords into your website.
For all customers who build their website with us, the keyword research service is FREE and includes implementing them in your website and helping you use them in future blog posts or other subpages.

So, whether you’re an Amazon or eBay seller, or an existing website owner looking for help in keyword research, let us be the ones to help.


Graphic Showing Keywords Research Letters KW

Not anymore!
Thanks to our great experience with Amazon listings, we can offer you full Amazon keyword research and listing optimisation services.

How does it work?
Initially, we will look at every single aspect of your listing,  and we will improve your description, bullet points and title. In addition, we will check your photos and if they are good quality, we will simply improve them by retouching or placing your products on a pure white background as required by Amazon.

In some cases, we will advise you to get full product photography again because if your listing is not converting that could be the main reason.
But don’t worry we can help you with product photography too just head over to our photography section for more.

We are always up to date with all Amazon listing requirements and latest listing tricks, so the service you will get will be always compliant with Amazon TOS.



How Does It Work? How Does It Work? How Does It Work?

  • Simply contact us and ask for Keyword Research Services
  • We will perform deep keyword research for your business
  • You will receive the full keyword research on a spreadsheet
  • As a bonus, we will tell you the best ways to use them on your website or listing

Contact us for more details