The most important and misunderstood step while creating a new brand or company

Finding the name for your company is really important and we’re here to help you with this.

We will perform name hunting for you, offering you 20 to 25 names which will fit your company profile and attract your customers. 

Additionally, we will offer you a free prestige domain name for 12 months which will be the same as your brand name, so your customers will remember it easier and of course find your website.

Lancashire Web & Graphic Design Studio Performing Name and Domain Hunting Finfing Unique Business Names.

For example, let’s say we found you a company name. For this example, we will use ‘Webcraff.’

We will offer you the domain name for the UK market or, which is a prestige worldwide recognisable domain ready for your brand to be expanded to the USA or other international markets.

Your email will also look prestigious for example,,, or any other email aliases you like.

This way you are also creating a branding experience for your customers, proving that you are serious about your business.

You will probably agree that an email like doesn’t look professional, so we will help make your business as prestigious as possible.

This seems to be very simple, but it is often overlooked by brand and company owners. 



Do you want to do it yourself?

This part of the process is good fun, but can be frustrating and very time consuming.

But don’t worry! We can help you with this as well, please click below to see our blog post about name and domain hunting, this post is a great guide to get the name and domain hunting right.

If you can't find your unique name, let us help You!